Frequently asked questions

How does HowAboutEat work?

  1. 10am: We send you a message with the lunch of the day via text, email or Facebook Messenger.
  2. 10am-11:15am: Reply with "YES" if you'd like to order. Make sure to order before 11:15am!
  3. 12pm-12:30pm: We drop off the lunch at the delivery location in your office and notify you that lunch is delivered and ready to be picked up.

How do I pay for my lunch?

Lunch is paid for via Credit Card. When you say "YES" for the first time, you’ll receive an additional message asking you to follow a link and enter your Credit Card details. Alternatively, you can enter your payment details following the lunch page link in our daily messages. You only have to do this for your first order, so you never have to worry about it again! Your payment details are securely stored with Stripe, one of the leading global payment solutions providers.

I am vegetarian, do you have food for me?

We have regular and vegetarian options everyday! When you sign-up, you will be asked about your food preference ("Regular", "Vegetarian" or "Light") and you will receive our daily lunch messages according to what preference you select. You can change your preference at any time.

How do I claim free lunches?

Free lunch can be claimed only via Facebook Messenger or SMS at the moment. Reply FREE to our meal of the day message and, if you have free lunches on your account, the system will confirm the order. Please note, we are not accepting free orders via email.

Can I order for more than one person?

Of course! For example, for 2 people all you need to do is reply "YES 2", for 4 - "YES 4". Just let us know how many portions do you need!

When and where is my lunch delivered?

We deliver lunch to your company’s reception every day between 12pm and 12.30pm. You will receive a message to confirm that your meal has arrived. All food to be delivered to your company will be left in our green HowAboutEat bag so that, if you are in a meeting or are busy when food arrives, it will stay warm.

How do I know which one is my lunch?

Since all employees in your company will order the same dish, there is no need to distinguish between them and you can pick any of them. Regular, Vegetarian and Light orders have different HowAboutEat stickers on them, so you only need to make sure you pick one that has the right sticker according to your food preference and the dish you ordered.

Where is the menu?

Unlike a traditional food delivery website, we offer a different tasty dish every day from the best local restaurants and, if you like it, you can order it but just replying "YES" to our daily message. This is our way to make super easy and convenient for you to order lunch when you are busy at work!

I can’t find my company when I sign up.

If you can’t find your company, it probably means that we are not delivering yet to the firm you work for. On the same page, you can click "Add Company" and follow the prompts. We’ll make sure to start deliveries to your company asap.

How do I stop the daily messages?

We’ll really miss you if you decided to leave! If you are unhappy with anything, just let us know at and we will try to fix it for you! However, if you have certainly decided that you don’t want to receive our daily messages anymore, you can simply reply "STOP" to any one of our messages. We are working on giving you the option to stop them for a week, or for a month, in case you go on holiday and don’t want to be disturbed.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions - just shoot us an email at and we will get to you as quickly as we can.