Ido Fishman Provides the Ultimate Guide to Essential Baking Tools


If you are a fan of baking and wish to expand your repertoire and skills, there is no better way to do so than by jumping straight in. But, people often become confused about the array of equipment that’s required. What are the essential baking tools you should have? Ido Fishman has provided a list that can come in handy for you:

  • Digital scale

As flour is the primary ingredient in baking, you have to measure it accurately to avoid any baking mistakes. Therefore, you need a digital scale that you can set to grams and should also have a tare function, allowing you to place a bowl on it and then zeroing it out.

  • Measuring cups and spoons

You need a glass measuring cup for liquid ingredients, which has a spout, and the most convenient and useful one is the 2-cup size. According to Ido Fishman, you should also buy a set of measuring cups that range from 1 cup down to ¼ cup, along with measuring spoons as well. In case of spoons, look for a collection that comes with a ½ tablespoon measure.

  • Mixing bowls

Instead of purchasing a set of mixing bowls of different sizes, you can buy 4 to 5 bowls of stainless steel and one glass bowl of the same size. However, you shouldn’t opt for aluminum because the metal reacts with the acidic ingredients and changes the flavor of your food.

  • Sheet pan

Most bakers will find a half-sheet pan, or a three-quarter sheet pan enough for their baking needs. It is best to get a number of them because they will be needed constantly for everything, such as sheet cakes, cookies and yeast breads.

  • Muffin tin

One of the easiest things that anyone can bake is muffins, so Ido Fishman suggest that a 12-cup muffin tin needs to be on your list. It can also be used for making cupcakes and that’s definitely a bonus.

  • Loaf pan

This is what you need for baking quick bread loaves, such as pumpkin bread, banana bread and so on. These are essentially muffins that are baked into an entire loaf, so they need a longer time in the oven. You should also use a loaf pan when you are making your first yeast bread lot.

  • Brownie pan

If you are into baking, you will definitely be making brownies, so Chef Ido Fishman suggests that you get this square cake pan that has straight sides. A 9 by 9 inches pan will work for most recipes. You can get a sturdy aluminum one in the beginning and then move onto a ceramic or glass one later on. It can also come in handy for gingerbread, bars and square sheet cakes.

  • Wire whisk

You can use a fork for beating an egg, but you will need a wire whisk if you are beating six of them. Also known as a balloon whisk, this tool can whip some air into your liquid ingredients to get them frothy or fluffy. If you want to know an all-purpose size, one measuring 10 to 11 inches will be best.

  • Stand mixer

Yes, an electric stand mixer can be costly, but Ido Fishman suggests you make the investment. The standard attachments comprise of a paddle, whip and dough hook. This can be used for mixing batter, creaming butter, kneading dough and whipping egg whites for meringues.

  • Rolling pin

You can use a rolling pin for flattening out and shaping everything from pastry cut and pie to biscuits and cookie dough. If you are a beginner, Ido Fishman recommends the roller type because it is easiest to use and needs less pressure than rod style. You should buy a good quality wooden pin and it will be the only one you need to purchase.

Get these essential baking tools suggested by Ido Fishman and begin polishing your skills.